Unparalleled Beauty of The Great Barrier Reef

Our reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world for a good reason, it is vast, mind bogglingly diverse and incredibly beautiful. Fishin’ Mission offers you and your friends, or family, the opportunity to experience some of this wonder first hand. With a maximum of 6 people per snorkelling charter, you are assured of a very intimate and relaxed day.

There are several incredible reefs within easy reach of our departure point, as well as a string of stunningly beautiful islands. We can even drop you off on one of the deserted islands for a couple of hours, if you fancy living out your own tropical island fantasy.

We commonly see clown fish, coral trout, sweetlips, crayfish, giant clams and turtles. During the day you might also get lucky and our resident reef sharks may also pay us a visit, don’t worry they are harmless if left alone. For those more adventurous I can take you to the drop offs and we can drift down the current to catch a glimpse of our larger fish species. We will tailor the day to suite your wishes.