The Thrill of the Hunt

Mission Beach and its surrounding reefs have some of the best dive sites in the world and as a result we can tailor a spearfishing charter to meet both your needs and abilities. Whether it’s a day spent targeting coral trout, crayfish or tusk fish on the reef or out drift diving the blue water for pelagic species such as Spanish mackerel there is an option to suit you.

We offer single day trips or we offer live aboard options for up to 4 nights and cater for a maximum of 6 divers. Live aboard options are all inclusive of meals and soft drinks. We are also able to chill down any of your catch. Contact us for more information.

On a typical reef spearfishing dive will leave the Clump point boat ramp at 07:30am and with an hours travel and safety briefing you will be in the water by 9am. For those not experienced we can head into shallower water to get that confidence and experience up whilst still been able to shoot that trout or cray. Over lunch time we will recharge the batteries and head back into the water to test our skills out again. We will head back to Mission Beach at 2:30pm getting us back at 4pm.

Extended trips will be tailor made to suite the abilities of the divers and costs will be calculated on the number of divers and days.

Spearfishing is a totally selective form of fishing, there is absolutely no by-catch. We strongly believe in limiting our catch not catching our limit, so enjoy yourself take only what you need.